An Entire Village Produces Branded Spices in Zakarpattia (video)

There is an unusual village in Zakarpattia where almost all the houses are “decorated” with red pepper garlands. It’s paprika season in the village of Velika Dobrun. Peppers grow almost in every yard here, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to Facts ICTV.

Peppers from Velika Dobrun are sweet and meaty, perfect for making paprika. Locals say that because of the heat, this year’s harvest is poorer than last year.

According to farmers, pepper is not easy to grow and keeps one busy all year round. The seeds are sown in February. In May, the seedlings are transferred to open soil, nourished and watered.

“My ancestors also hung peppers on their houses. Unfortunately, young people go to work abroad. However, some can’t imagine their life without growing red pepper. This is how we provide for ourselves.”

Paprika from Velika Dobrun is a real brand. The farmers get 1 kg of paprika from 190 kilograms of raw pepper. In general, the locals produce 200 tons of paprika during one season.

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