Exotic Birds are Grown on a Pheasant Farm in Zakarpattia

In the town of Bushtyno in Zakarpattia, there is a new pheasant farm “Mali Kogutovy”. Pheasants and other birds are bred and kept here. Today, there are about 60 birds on the farm, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Seeds.org”.

As the farm became popular with tourists, the owners decided to make it open to visitors. The entrance fee is symbolic, kids can visit for free.

Pheasants are not exotic in Zakarpattia, but the “Mali Kogutov” owners keep exotic species whose bright coloring makes them stand-out.

Visitors can see the unusual silver, lemon, Romanian, golden and Swinhoe’s pheasants. Most of these species are native to tropical Asian countries: China, Myanmar, and Taiwan. Some of these birds are at risk of extinction.

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