Ukrainians have invented an energy-saving mill

Developers from Vinnytsia have invented an energy-saving mill that allows grinding to a particle size of 5 to 50 micrometers. It is 5 times thinner than a human hair, writes “Agro-Center”.

Inna Goncharuk, Deputy Rector for Scientific, Innovative and International Activity at the VNAU, said:

“Our project’s aim is to minimize the energy consumption of grinding. Moreover, medicinal products ground on such a mill, are absorbed by an organism in one hour, compared to those ground on an ordinary mill that need several hours to absorb.”

According to Inna Goncharuk, the start-up team won an award the All-Ukrainian Festival of Innovations and also got an audience award in May 2018. The scientists from Vinnytsia will present their project at the International Startup University Battle in Copenhagen (Denmark).

“For us, International Startup University Battle is a search for foreign investors and new opportunities. We feel responsible for the future of our project and Ukraine to our colleagues and organizers. We hope that the future scientific achievements of the VNAU will be a worthy contribution to the socio-economic development of Ukraine,”

said Inna Goncharuk.

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