Ukrainians lack money for meat and vegetables (statistics)

Ukrainians do not consume the recommended norm of certain products. Bread and oil make up a basis of the diet of most Ukrainians, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to the Institute of Agrarian Economics, very little amount of truly nutritious food is consumed in Ukraine. For the most part, Ukrainians eat fatty and floury foods.

We eat by 36% less vegetables than recommended. Out of the recommended 161 kg, on average, only 102 kg is consumed. The level of meat consumption is at 56 kg against the recommended 80 kg. Milk – 232 kg against the recommended 380 kg, eggs – 240 against 290 eggs.

The situation is even worse when it comes to berries, fruits, and grapes. It is recommended to eat 90 kg a year, and Ukrainians eat only 44.4 kg.

At the same time, over the past year, the consumption of oil exceeded the required amount by 39%. On average, it is 18 kg of oil per person. An average Ukrainian eats an amount of bread within the limits of the recommended norm – 100,8 kg out of 101 kg.

The head of the Institute of Agrarian Economics Yuriy Lupenko notes that there are also positive trends in the Ukrainian diet.

“Compared with 2016, over the past year, consumption of all products, except milk, meat, potatoes, and melons, has increased.”

According to experts, Ukrainians don’t eat recommended amounts of certain products because of low income. After all, Ukraine has all the necessary resources to provide the population with the necessary volume of food.

According to statistics, volumes of production and internal use of grain make up 293%, of meat and meat products – 105%, of milk – 108%, of eggs – 120%.

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