American farmers have shared the most economical way to store grain (photo)

American farmers came up with the most economical way to store grain – covering it with a film. They note that this method is reliable and relatively inexpensive, writes “Agro-Center”.

Grain is harvested, organized into large heaps and covered with film. Although this construction might not look resilient, it protects grain and is quite economical. Using this method allows farmers to save money on the construction of traditional warehouses.

In this way, an ordinary film can replace buildings made of concrete and steel.

At the moment, at one of the terminals where the method is being tested, about 200 thousand tons of grain are stored, of which 80 thousand tons – in an elevator’s silos, and the rest in the warehouses covered with film. For example, one such warehouse can hold up to 27 thousand tons of grain.

Grain can be stored for 2-3 years when using this method. However, if uncovered, the grain needs to be sold immediately as re-packaging might be problematic. According to the management of the terminal, grain losses make up only 3-5% when using this storage method.

There is one trick one must know before using this method – grain under film must be provided with ventilation. Pumping air in there will help grain to dry better.

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