Interactive map for farmers: Ukraine is the second in terms of agricultural land area

An interactive map of agricultural lands was created by a Belarusian startup OneSoil. On the map, one can find 42 European countries and the USA, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to

Ukraine is the second largest country on the map in terms of agricultural land area. First place is held by the USA. The area of ​​Ukrainian lands reaches 35.9 million hectares, with 2 million land plots. France occupies third place with 25.7 million hectares, with 7 million land plots.

In order to explore the agricultural lands of countries, the OneSoil startup uses IT algorithms. Researchers analyze satellite images, determine the state of the fields, which crops are grown there, and their stage of growth are.

According to the developers, the most popular crop in Ukraine is corn – 14.8 million hectares are sown with this culture. Next are wheat (5.4 million hectares) and grass (4 million hectares). The largest area of ​​fields is in the Odessa region – 2.4 million hectares.

Also, OneSoil Map lets track the history of field changes over the past three years: from 2016 to 2018. To make this possible, the developers used Mapbox tools and data from the European Space Agency. It took almost four years to collect information and design the map.

Oleksandra Yakovleva, a co-founder of OneSoil, says their map is designed to help farmers keep track of trends in agriculture. It is planned that by 2020 the map will show the whole world.

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