A store in Uzhgorod does not use plastic at all

There is a unique store “Zelena kramnytsya” in Uzhgorod. One won’t find any plastic here, only paper packaging, writes “Agro-Center”.

“We even decided not to make plastic discount cards. We give discounts to customers who come with their own reusable bags and eco-totes, jars for oils and honey. In this way we encourage people to use less plastic,”

said the shop owner Tetyana Zhovkivska.

The store offers a great variety of products: cheeses from farmers, more than 70 kinds of spices, healthy salt and sugar, nuts and dried fruits, honey, fresh cold-pressed oils, whole grains, whole-grain flour, superfoods, as well as sweets without added sugar, fresh yeast-free bread, vegetables, and fruits.

There are also 100% organic products grown and made without chemicals and fertilizers.

“I have been sorting trash for many years but always felt it wasn’t enough. There is still a lot of plastic, although I recycle and compost over 80%. But when I discovered the zero waste movement, I learned that there are people who have been living without plastic for years, and can fit everything that cannot be recycled into a mayonnaise jar. They buy everything in bulk and use reusable bags. This idea inspired me to create a store without plastic packaging,”

said Tetyana.

The authors of the idea say that buying food in reusable bags is also a good opportunity to save some money, as it is always cheaper than packaged goods.

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