Almost one-third of the planned area is sown with winter turnip in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, as of August 17th, winter turnip was planted on an area of 208.1 thousand hectares, which is 27% of the planned area, says an “Agro-Center” correspondent.

Also, farmers continue to harvest. Grain and legume crops were planted on an area of 9.591 million hectares (66% of the plan), weight was 36.902 million tons at an average yield of 38.5 q/ha.

In particular, early crops were harvested. 36.868 million tons were harvested from 9.566 million hectares (99%) at a yield of 38.5 c/ha. Figures include wheat – from 6.32 million hectares (99%), 26.339 million tons were milled, with a yield of 41.7 q/ha.

Barley: from 2.504 million hectares (100%), 8.55 million tons of grain were harvested at a yield of 34.2 q/ha. Rye: from 162 thousand hectares (96%), 455 thousand tons were harvested, at a yield of 28.1 q/ha.  Oats: 426 thousand tons at a yield of 25.2 q/ha were harvested, and 169 thousand hectares (65%) were milled. Buckwheat: 14 thousand tons were harvested at a yield of 10.5 q/ha.

Millet was harvested from 8 thousand hectares (14%) at a yield of 15.2 q/ha. Also, harvesting of winter turnip in Ukraine was finished. It was harvested from an area of 773 thousand hectares (98%) at a yield of 27,7 q/ha.

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