Grain for Iran will be grown in Volyn

Sha’ban Amin Asadallah, head of the Iranian company “NEGIN FOULAND MARGOON” plans to invest in the construction of an elevator in the Volyn region, writes “Agro-Center”.

He stated this during a meeting with the chairman of the Regional State Administration Oleksandr Savchenko.

“In Iran, weather conditions are not suitable for growing corn and other crops. Therefore, the state offers us to go abroad, grow these crops in other countries and import back to Iran without taxes. We would like to discuss investments in building elevators in Ukraine. It is important to understand that bread is the main food for the Iranians,”

said Sha’ban Amin Asadallah.

As Sha’ban Amin Asadallah has told, grain purchases in Iran were previously provided by the state. However, because of the foreign exchange rate, Iran cannot provide enough people with grain. The guest plans to personally go to Volyn and bring a second investor with him.

“I know that if you bring more than $100 thousand in investment to Ukraine, you can get free accommodation,”

said Sha’ban Amin Asadallah.

As of July 2018, more than 1100 elevators operated in Ukraine, with a total capacity of simultaneous storage of more than 46 million tons.

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