The price for domestic cabbage is falling rapidly in Ukraine

Ukrainian producers are forced to actively lower prices for white cabbage, despite the seasonal reduction of stocks, writes Agro-Center.

Starting from the beginning of the week the price for cabbage in Ukraine fell by 15-20%. Farmers are ready to sell at 4-6 UAH/kg, depending on the region and quality. For comparison, at the end of the previous working week, prices in this segment often reached up to 7 UAH/kg.

A declining price trend, according to agrarians, is dictated primarily by a very low demand for this product. In addition, the situation is aggravated by voluminous deliveries of cabbage from Poland. Imported products cause the greatest price pressure in the western region.

It should be noted that cabbage on Ukrainian farms is still on average one third more expensive than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, a number of farms have decided to suspend the sale of quality products, considering that selling at current prices is inappropriate.

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