Anti-raiding headquarters will be re-established in Ukraine

The day after tomorrow, at the meeting, the Government will resume the work of the headquarters for the period of sowing. Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko told about it, writes Agro-Center.

“We are getting signals from regions that exacerbation occurs at this time,”

said Mr. Petrenko.

The minister said the headquarters had shown their effectiveness last year and urged entrepreneurs to seek protection if needed. According to the deputy minister of justice Olena Lukash, with the cessation of work of the headquarters, reports of capture attempts from the regions were resumed.

Deputy Minister of Justice for State Registration Olena Sukmanova added that the headquarters considered 100 complaints. Also, in the Verkhovna Rada on March 14th, 2018, the bill №8121 “On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and Certain Other Legislative Acts Against Raiding” was designed and registered to minimize agrarian and land raids.

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