Natural cheese-making is being restored in Ukraine (video)

The production of cheese and cheese products in Ukraine decreased by 20% during 2014-2016. At the same time, the production of real natural cheese has decreased almost twice, up to 68 thousand tons in 2016 and 66 thousand tons in 2017, writes Agro-Center.

And if we consider that before a prohibition of importing Ukrainian dairy products by Russia, 216 thousand tons of cheese were made. Therefore, we can talk about the reduction by more than three times.

According to analysts, we’ve already hit the bottom, and now we can talk about a trend to resume the industry. The production of cheese is expected to continue to decline. Losses of foreign markets were largely compensated by the sale of cheese products. Also, there was a hope that consumption of cheese in the country would increase.

Cheese market operators must be aware of the risks that exist in the business and aim to minimize them. It should be understood that existing schemes for the export of cheese products can be covered, and the chances of a tangible increase in external sales of cheeses outside of Russia are very small.

Ukrainian cheesemakers should focus on the domestic market. However, in conditions of weak demand, it is possible to increase sales only at the expense of the share of competitors. Though, a young couple in Lviv region decided to create a culture of cheese consumption in Ukraine. They brought goats from France and make exotic cheeses. Watch the episode of the “La Selo” show for more:

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