Profitable business: Ukrainian farmers produce juice from frozen berries and fruits

Natural production in Ukraine is growing and developing. High prices for products and demand stimulate farmers to occupy niches. In particular, some entrepreneurs have already started to make natural juice from frozen fruits and berries, writes Agro-Center.

One of them is a farmer Sergey Ukrainets. A decision to make juice from frozen berries and fruits came to him last year when prices for gardening products dropped.

“We have 400 hectares of land where we grow varieties of apples, resistant apples for processing, we have 26 hectares of raspberries, 10 hectares of blueberries. In addition, we have blackberries and have planted 50 hectares of cherries. We have built refrigerators for now; all products are stored there. We want to buy sorting equipment. 2017 showed that it was a right decision, because when prices for berries dropped we did not sell it for nothing, but frozen it and used later for juice production,” says Sergey Ukrainets to the Kurkul newspaper.

According to him, now is the period when there are early and late apples, fresh and frozen berries:

“This year we will try to make juice from frozen apples. It is a completely different technology, and the taste is better than of a juice made of fresh apples,” said the farmer.

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