Three cooperatives will be established in Volyn, among them – a hazelnut cooperative

In Volyn region, it is planned to create three agricultural servicing cooperatives: berry or horticultural, vegetable and potato cooperative, writes Agro-Center.

It will be a part of the “Key to Success project. The improvement of the economic situation in the rural areas of the Volyn region and the Brest region of the Republic of Belarus through the development of agricultural cooperation” which is being implemented since December 2017, reported the Department of Agricultural and Industrial Development of the Volyn Regional State Administration.

The first stage of the project implementation – preparatory work- is now completed. Information was gathered on producers of potatoes, vegetables, fruit, berries, and milk in the Volyn and Brest regions. Within the framework of the project, a cross-border base of agricultural producers will be formed.

Four groups were pre-selected:

– “Hazelnuts of Volyn” that grows hazelnuts and rhubarb;

– one that grows potatoes (on the territory of Rozhyshche, Lutsk and Lokachinsky districts);

– a horticultural one (Gorokhov district) with a total area of ​​100 hectares;

– a berry one, which they plan to create on the basis of the existing economy with a prospect of further dairy production (Poles’ko village, Starovizhiv district).

Let’s recall that recently, hazelnuts were planted on large fields in Volyn.

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