15 Years For a “Rose Paradise”

There is a true rose garden in the village of Nekrasovo, in the Vinnytsia region. Alexander Dusanyuk grows a hundred varieties of elite roses, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Segodnya”.

The rose plantation attracts many tourists. The variety is striking: yellow, white, pale pink, and red roses blossom almost simultaneously.

Alexander created the “Rose Paradise” together with his Dutch partners. It took them 15 years. Today, the plantation occupies six hectares of field.

“We have an astonishing variety of roses. There are small roses as well as large ones,”

said the farmer.

Alexander shared that rose is not a capricious plant but requires a certain type of soil. On the farm, roses grow in sandy soils, which turn into stone without water. Therefore, the farmer regularly performs land development and introduces fertilizers.

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