Farmer from Volyn Region Claims His Cattle Were Poisoned

In the Volyn region, in the Kivertsi district, near the village of Gayovo, a farmer reported that two of his cows died. Experts say that the animals might have been poisoned, writes “Agro-Center”.

Farmer Abulfat Khudiyev told the VolynPost news agency what happened on September 29th.

“History repeats itself. Last year, two horses were shot, then pulled with chains and left in the woods. Now the cows have been poisoned. And that’s not all! Previously, someone killed a cow in the barn and took the carcass. These two cows were left in the pasture,”

says Abulfat.

Abulfat Khudiyev was born in Azerbaijan and has been living in Ukraine for a long time. He has been engaged in farming for four years now. The man feeds a herd of meat cows in a modern way, so the cattle graze outside at all times, even at night.

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