The First Banana Harvest Near Kropyvnytskyi (Video)

The first in 2019 banana harvest was received at the Chornolissky Forestry, which has been growing bananas for over four years in the Znamensky District, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “UA: Kropyvnytskyi”.

Olena Kirpa, a forestry engineer, says bananas are not grown here for profit but as treats for guests.

Today, 15 banana plants are growing in the greenhouse. Up to 20 bananas are collected from each bunch.

“When a banana ripens, it quietly falls off the plant and appears as separated fruit.”

Elena said that their bananas taste sweeter than those from stores because here fruits ripen on the plant.

For the bananas to ripen and become delicious and sweet, the sun and humidity are needed. There are now four bunches ripening on the farm. The flowering and fruiting process is constant.

However, Olena noted that this year’s harvest is poorer than last year because the plantation is too “crowded”, there are too many banana plants in the greenhouse.

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