The Only Shrimp Farm in Ukraine Runs on Solar Energy

A farm produces Pacific white shrimp in Zhmerynka. 

The Agrocenter tells you more about it.

Commentary:This shrimp is much better than the ones imported to Ukraine. And our main goal is to grow the shrimp and cool it properly to sell the product frozen,” explained farm director Petro Gizhko.

Details: “Aquaresource Plus” grow Pacific white shrimp for the best local restaurants.

180 thousand shrimp live in aquariums with a total capacity of 6 tons.

The secret to the farm’s success lies in the fact that they use a special freezing technology. Their product costs 400 UAH/kg.

The company is gradually moving towards to the use of solar energy to make production as environmentally friendly as possible.

Source: LandLord 

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