40 Goats, Two Children, and a Forest: Farmers Develop Ecotourism in Lviv Region (Video)

Andrew and Galina Malanchak have been living on a farm for more than 40 years, keeping more than 40 goats, crafting fancy swings, raising two children and developing ecotourism, writes “Agro-Center”.

The couple’s farm is located in the Lviv region, in the village of Kohuti. Their house is located on the outskirts of the forest and surrounded by picturesque nature. Andrew and Galina decided to leave the city when preparing for parenthood. Andrew found this place by accident.

“It is probably thanks to clean air and nature. We were preparing for family life. Our daughter Aliteya was born. We wanted our kids to spend their childhood close to nature.”

The couple is engaged in goat farming. They got their first goat as a gift and then gradually bought more animals.

“We have been living here for about half a year when we saw a business opportunity. There is a large territory, a stable, a forest. I thought about what I can do and chose goat farming.”

The farm is equipped with an electric fence. Our goats are free-range. Even part of the forest is used as a pasture.

Watch the new episode of the “La Selo” show for more information about the farm:

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