Ukrainian Switzerland: a woman from Switzerland is engaged in organic farming in Ternopil (video)

The team of the “La Selo” show managed to find a unique piece of Switzerland in Ukraine. We visited a picturesque “Zhyva Zemlya Potutory” farm in the Ternopil region.

The farm is a joint Ukrainian-Swiss project which makes it quite unique. The owners are engaged in animal breeding and growing of organic herbs. Christina Liebergeg, who moved to Ukraine seven years ago, is responsible for growing herbs.

According to the farmer, she is very impressed by the attitude of Ukrainians towards their land:

“In Switzerland, a farm is 20-30 hectares. This is not the case here. It is 10 thousand and 100 thousand hectares in Ukraine sown with monoculture. This is a problem, because farmers deplete the soil, use fertilizers and poisons, and harm the environment.

Christina moved to Ukraine at the invitation of a friend Ivan, who now works with her on the farm. The farm was built in the place of an old abandoned collective farm.

Watch the new episode of the “La Selo” for more information about the farm:


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