The first public garden was created in Chernihiv (video)

In one of the yards in Chernihiv, members of the public organization “Eco Misto” created a garden in order to introduce locals to eco-farming, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “UA: CHERNIHIV”.

“A public garden was created last year. It started with one warm bed, which is two ditches and another one with fertilizers in the middle. We put the wooden sticks that rot for a long time on the bottom and organic waste from the kitchen on top. It helps the plants grow fast and stay warm. We planted spicy and aromatic herbs: various types of mint, including peppermint and chocolate mint, rosemary and thyme,”

says Albina Kolesnichenko, member of the NGO “Eco Misto”.

In order to implement the project, activists use interactions between ecosystems. They plan to use dry grass, leaves and small twigs to fertilize the garden, as well as establish a system for collecting rainwater for irrigation.

This year, three-level vertical beds for strawberries were built in the garden.

“We wanted to change real things and started with flower beds, which are easy to take care of for everyone. It is interesting for both adults and children,”

explains Mikhail Marukhno, a volunteer.

At the moment, the fence is being built around the garden to prevent people from trampling the crop.

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