Farmer from Mykolayiv Region Grows African Kiwano Cucumbers

Kiwano is a bright yellow exotic fruit, covered with many thorns. Ian Ostrovsky started to grow the unusual for Ukraine fruit on his farm “Stodola”, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “AgroYUG”.

“This year we started growing African Kiwano cucumbers. It is rich yellow on the outside, bright green on the inside, and tastes like a melon. We plan to marinate this fruit. At the moment, we are in the process of perfecting the brine formula. We want it to be delicious but not overpowering,”

said Ian Ostrovsky.

The name “Kiwano” comes from New Zealand. The word is the combination of the two words “kiwi” and “banana” because Kiwano resembleы these fruits in taste and aroma. In English-speaking countries, Kiwano is also referred to as “horned cucumber” or “African horned melon”.

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