Fresh berries in winter and summer: how the Dutch grow strawberries in their apartments

Growing strawberries is becoming more popular among Ukrainian farmers. The most money on the berries can be made in winter, but the growing process requires considerable expenses. Dutch farmers have found a way to grow berries all year round without extra expenses, writes “Agro-Center”.

The Dutch way of growing strawberries in indoor spaces allows a farmer to reduce expenses.

The Dutch learned to grow strawberries in any room with heating and artificial lighting, even in an apartment. To do this, they don’t even need containers, because strawberry grows in ordinary polyethylene bags.

The process of growing strawberries in this way is simple. Take a bag 2-2.5 meters in length and 16-20 cm in width. Put some substrate consisting of a mixture of peat and perlite inside it. Make 8 cm openings in the bag at four levels. Place seedlings in the holes.

The bag should be moist at all times. Use two liters of water per day. Use drip irrigation tubes in order to provide irrigation along the edges and in the center.

One square meter of space can accommodate three such vertical beds and give five harvests per year.

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