Hazelnut became the most popular crop among Ukrainian gardeners in 2018

This year, 1039 hectares were allocated for the cultivation of hazelnuts. Experts say that a high rate of return of hazelnut crops contributes to the culture’s popularity, writes “Agro-Center”.

Dmitry Kroshka said that the second largest area is occupied by walnut – 861 hectares. This year, 608 hectares of young apple orchards, 518 hectares of blueberries and 179 hectares of strawberries were planted.

The expert noted that in addition to the high rate of return of these crops, the state program of gardening support actively promoted gardening by providing partial reimbursements of the cost of purchased gardening material, and contributed to the popularity of hazelnut, walnut and other cultures. He noted that “gardeners didn’t just plant crops but planted them properly, under contracts, for the market.”

“We predict that the situation in Ukraine will change radically in the next three or four years. In the first place, it will be noticeable if we look at the culture’ varieties,”

said Dmitry Kroshka.

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