A “tractor of the future” will be made in Belarus

The futuristic tractor model was developed at the Minsk Tractor Plant. For the first time, the sketch of the model was presented in Minsk at the BelarusCrossway forum, writes “Agro-Center”.

The developer of the new tractor model is Alexander Nasir, a designer who works at the Minsk Tractor Plant. He believes that such a tractor can be created with the help of already existing technologies. Its advantage is that it combines agriculture and the IT sector. According to Alexander, this is not a cool picture but a real model of the future agricultural machinery.

“The point is to separate a man from machinery. It is located at the bottom of the tractor. The driver works in the top compartment, performs the role of a supervisor and doesn’t interfere with the process. In my view, this is a transitional stage on our way to the future. Constructing such a tractor is possible. In fact, there are no revolutionary changes in the project. Tractors that work on their own are the next step,”

noted the developer Alexander Nasir.

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