Peppers that taste like coffee: a new variety was selected in Canada

A new pepper variety was selected in Canada. It is characterized by chocolate color and coffee flavor, writes “Agro-Center”.

Scientists at Zing! Healthy Foods created the new pepper variety and called it “Chocolate Bell Pepper”. The product has an unusual color and flavor. It is chocolate brown and has a flavor of coffee.

The new pepper variety was labeled a premium product right away.

“This isn’t something you see in a grocery store every day. This pepper has unusual taste and aroma, and its flesh is crunchier and sweeter than that of traditional bell pepper,”

said Jordan Knyazev, vice president for sales and marketing at Zing! Healthy Foods.

“The bright taste and deep color are perfect for those gourmets who want to surprise their guests with something unexpected.”

However, even though the new pepper tastes differently, its vitamin content is no worse than that of common bell pepper. It contains vitamin C and vitamin R content. Thus, the Chocolate Bell Pepper can be used to prevent cardiovascular disease.

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