Quarantine in China Has Improved the Planet’s Atmosphere

NASA satellites documented a significant reduction in air pollution in China.

“Agro-Center” tells more about it.

Commentary:Air pollution also decreases during the holidays as factories usually don’t operate on these days,” said Fay Liu, the air quality researcher at NA Flight Center.

Details: Satellite photos from NASA and the European Space Agency show that air pollution in China has dropped significantly in February 2020.

Scientists believe that the reason is that many factories and plants in the country shut down due to coronavirus.

NASA published two photos showing the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere. The first photo shows the state of the atmosphere in January (January 1st-20th). During this period, quarantine measures started in China. The second is the state of the atmosphere in February (February 10th-25th). The agency named a probable cause of the improvement in the atmosphere – suspension of production at factories and plants in the country.

Source: LandLord 

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