A fully automated farm will start its work in the Vinnytsia region

“Villa Milk” plans to launch a fully automated dairy farm in the Vinnytsia region. The farm will start its work this year. It will be a home for 140 heads of cattle, writes “Agro-Center”.

At the moment, the company has 230 dairy cows. Milk is processed in a factory constructed according to a European model.

The final product – milk – is of the highest quality due to the lack of manual work on the farm. In the long run, the milk from the fully automated farm will be able to compete on the national and European markets.

The enterprise has its own brand and plans to produce high-quality milk, kefir, butter, yogurts, and soft cheeses.

Vitaliy Istratov, the manager of the plant, said that products will be prepared in accordance with a special technology – by using a thermostat. Maturation of sour-milk products will take place directly in the package. For this, packages, buckets, and cups are placed in a thermostat chamber, where they are kept for several hours.

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