A new compound feed plant will be built in Rivne region

In the near future, a construction of a new compound feed plant will begin in Rivne region. The project belongs to a “PolissyaAgroCorm” company, writes “Agro-Center”.

The construction will begin soon. The capacity of the new plant will be 200 tons/day. Most of the feed produced will be consumed by the “Polysyanochka” animal breeding unit, and the remainder will be sold on the domestic market. The company also plans to establish export of produced feed and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements. The countries of the Middle East will import.

“PolissyaAgroCorm” is a part of the “Polysyanochka” group of companies.

“PolissyaAgroCorm” specializes in the cultivation of grain crops and the production of compound feed. The company’s capacity is 1.8 thousand tons of feed per month. “PolissyaAgroCorm” is a part of the “Polysyanochka” group of companies.

Meanwhile, a dangerous corn pest was discovered in Ukraine.

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