Farmers build 8-floor pig farms in China (photo)

The Yangxiang Company in China builds pig farms with 8 or more floors, writes Agro-Center.

Mostly sows and piglets will be kept on such farms. According to the owner of the company, the main advantages of such buildings are an economy of the territory, efficiency and a healthy livestock. Such complexes became effective after an increase in land prices in the country.

Multistory pig farms look like ones in the photo. There are four such buildings in the company.

Compared to traditional one-floor pig complexes, the probability of pathogens spreading from one farm to another through ventilation systems is much lower in multistory buildings. All floors are completely isolated from each other.

The cost of building a multistory pig complex is 2 thousand euros per sow, excluding piglets. As for conventional farms, this figure is around 500 euros. But additional costs can be needed during its operation. According to the company, there 4 workers per one thousand sows is enough on such farms, while at the “traditional” farms, at least 10 workers are required.

By the way, according to the latest data, Ukraine’s pork import is three times more than export.

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