A Plant That Can Turn Wastewater into Alcohol to Be Built in Ukraine

In Ukraine, alcohol will be produced as a result of processing wastewater. 

“Agro-Center” tells more about it.

Details: These are the plans of Taras Barshchowski, the owner of the company T.B. Fruit. The man intends to build a special plant.

Commentary:Such an alcohol-producing plant does not require significant investment and wastewater can be recycled and generate additional profit. We will manufacture all products that contain technical alcohol,” said Taras Barshchowski, the owner of T.B. Fruit.

According to Taras, the company T.B. Fruit is not interested in producing alcohol for consumers because it is made from other raw materials.

Taras Barshchowski says the plant will probably be opened in a year. It will not only produce technical alcohol but also clean wastewater.

Source: Dilo 

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