Eco-friendly dinnerware made from wheat and corn bran will be produced in Ukraine

A Polish company “Biotrem”, that is engaged in the manufacture of organic eco-friendly dinnerware from bran, will start its work in Ukraine. Their dinnerware is unique it doesn’t leave any waste. It can be fed to birds or animals after use, writes “Agro-Center”.

The company is working with a technology that allows producing disposable dinnerware from wheat and corn bran, byproducts of processing of cassava, algae, as well as plant-based polymers. According to the technology, raw materials are compressed with hot air. From one ton of wheat bran, one can make ten thousand dinnerware items.

The standard set of dinnerware consists of plates, cups, forks, and spoons. They can be used for hot food and drinks. One can feed it to animals and birds after use. The dinnerware fully decomposes in 30 days.

According to developers, one kilogram of plates made from wheat bran produces about 1.3 kg of CO2, and one kilogram of polystyrene disposable plates or cups generates in total about 8.5 kg of CO2.

Nowadays, Biotrem has a plant and supplies its products to customers, restaurants, and retailers, directly or through independent distributors.

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