The largest in Europe dog-rose plantation to be planted in Ukraine

In the Odessa region, the largest in Europe dog-rose plantation is being planted. By the end of March, it will reach 90 hectares. Paul Tulba, head of the First Investment Co-operative “Horikh Prychornomor’ya” is the first producer of these berries in Ukraine, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “AgroInsider”.

The farmer’s goal is to diversify the risks that come with growing walnuts and get equipment for their processing with dog-rose. Paul is focused on the processing of dog-rose.

Paul Tulba is looking for partners who are willing to grow bushes on their land and bring a harvest for processing.

“We are looking for partners to whom will sell planting material. We will come and plant it ourselves.” We sold and planted 40 hectares. They will take care of the bushes and bring s crop to us for processing. We are also planting approximately 80 hectares on our land. We will finish by the end of March or in early April,”

said Paul Tulba.

According to him, there are smaller dog-rose plantations in Europe. In Denmark, there is one with an area of 60 hectares, and berries are sold to Australia. In Bulgaria, dog-rose is grown for the production of essential oil.

Tinctures are made from whole frozen dog-rose berries. Seeds are used for making oils, peel – for pharmaceutical products, teas, and as a vitamin supplement. There are many enterprises in Ukraine that make “Holosas” from dog-rose.

“Nowadays, dog-rose is not an agricultural crop in Ukraine. This is a problem. We are now in the process of registering our own variety in order to obtain a license and are trying to make dog-rose an agricultural plant by applying to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy,”

said Paul Tulba.

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