From diesel to wood: farmers plan to switch to alternative types of fuel (video)

Last month, the cost of a liter of diesel fuel has increased by 3-4 hryvnias. Alternative types of fuel are relevant to Ukrainian farmers as never before, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “TSN”.

Nikolai Petrovich is an innovator who uses wood to power his “Mercedes”. He needs only three buckets of wood to drive 100 km. Ukrainian farmers seem to like this type of fuel because they are affected by the growing prices for diesel fuelincrease.

“I counted that the cost of fuel includes 70% of the cost of a tube. After the autumn price jump, prices will rise by at least one hryvnia. We can’t work without fuel cause, wheather you like it or not, machinery needs fuel to function,”

said farmer Vitaliy.

Today, Ukraine imports more than a half of its fuel. It is mainly produced in Russia, although imported from Belarus. In Ukraine, only two out of seven refineries operate. Potentially, they can provide internal fuel needs. It is more difficult with diesel fuel because it depends on the volumes of refined petroleum products.


Let’s recall that Ukraine has the most complete database on land resources. “Monitoring of land relations in Ukraine, 2016-2017: open data on land resources” will become accessible to all. It contains 65 indicators from six government bodies.

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