Scientists have developed a system that automatically informs farmers about the state of their fields

“Farmers Edge” has developed a satellite image processing tool. The new equipment can automatically analyze photos and inform farmers about the condition of their lands, writes “Agro-Center”.

Developers reported that this tool is a good addition to the 70 digital tools and features that have been integrated into the FarmCommand platform before. It is aimed at speeding up a farmer’s reaction and aid them in making quick decisions to eliminate problems on the fields.

“This revolutionary digital instrument determines potential problems on the field, including pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, adverse weather conditions, errors in the implementation of technologies, problems with drainage of the soil, and many others with high accuracy. The innovative technology expands the possibilities of efficient use of everyday satellite images in agriculture, helping manufacturers save time, identify problems more quickly and take timely measures to eliminate them, minimizing the possible impact of negative factors on crops,”

said a representative of the company.

In general, farmers spend an average of 3 to 6 minutes to analyze photos of their fields. With the help of the new application, they can save time and analyze information only after receiving an automatic message listing the fields where changes were detected.

“Last year, we resolved the problem of unstable satellite field monitoring by integrating high-resolution satellite imagery into our digital FarmCommand platform. Now, agricultural producers have the opportunity to view at least one, or even a few snapshots per day, which is, of course, very cool, but it is too much work. The needs of agricultural producers give rise to non-standard approaches and the creation of easy-to-use, fast and reliable innovative digital products. We have developed a revolutionary tool that automatically recognizes and informs a client about any changes in their fields,” said “Farmers Edge”

CEO Wade Barnes.

The tool uses algorithms that recognize any changes to daily satellite images that “Farmers Edge” provides to its customers. The algorithms analyze changes that took place in the fields and automatically send out a brief information about them by e-mail.

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