A farmer from Poland makes eco-friendly dishes from wheat bran (video)

According to environmentalists, at least 7% of the territory of our country is occupied by landfills. Disposable plastic utensils can lie in the ground for up to 500 years. In Poland, a farmer invented an eco-friendly alternative to plastic dishes, writes “Agro-Center”.

Jerzy Visowski is a farmer from Poland. He owns a mill and that is why he has started to make eco-friendly dishes from wheat bran. The bran is crushed, squeezed under the press, and exposed to hot air. Plates are strong and do not contain any chemical compounds.

According to the farmer, it takes only a few hours for the dishes to decompose in the soil. Some farmers even say that they can be used as fertilizers.


У Польщі виготовляють еко посуд із висівок. Чудова альтернатива шкідливому пластику, чи не так? #astismart #sorting #eco #сортуй #еко

Опубликовано ASTI SMART Среда, 5 декабря 2018 г.

The inventors say that such production can be created in every country where wheat is grown.

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