A farmer from the Odessa region planted a first pistachio garden in Ukraine

Pistachios have never been grown in Ukraine. A farmer from Odessa region, Andrei Petkov, was the first to plant a pistachio garden in Ukraine. His farm is located in the village of Brosk and occupies 3,5 hectares, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to the “Holos Ukrainy”.

Andriy Petkov is a 30-year-old farmer-enthusiast. According to him, the climate in the south of Ukraine is almost identical to that in Central Asia. That is why he decided to take a risk and grow the new culture. The most difficult part is buying seeds – the farmer has to bring them from Uzbekistan.

The farmer planted more than three thousand pistachio trees. Andrew plans to get the first harvest after six years.

“I have every reason to believe that my successful experience will be the starting point for the cultivation of these inexpensive nuts in the south of Ukraine,”

said Andriy.

Pistachio trees are actually desert plants. They tolerate drought and temperatures up to 40 above zero well; the lowest allowable temperature for them is 10 degrees below zero.

Experts say that in Europe, the rate of return of growing pistachios is high, compared to growing corn, tomatoes, beets, or almonds. Pistachios are considered to be a product with a very long period of commercial use. The rate of return of this culture is explained by the unpretentiousness of pistachio trees to the soil, water, and nutrition.

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