Ukrainians spend most of their income on food

It is believed that the percentage of money spent on food is an indicator of the level of material well-being. According to the State Statistics Service, in the first quarter of 2018, Ukrainians spent 49.3% of all spendings on food, writes “Agro-Center”.

Experts say that the higher the percentage of money spent on food, the worse the quality of life of the population. Ukraine is also included in the TOP-5 countries in terms of total family expenses. Estonia, Belarus, Hungary and the Czech Republic are also on the list, above Ukraine.

“Ukraine is among the TOP-10 countries whose citizens spend the most on products. If we add up the cost of food, cigarettes, and alcohol, our country is in the TOP-5 countries of the world with the highest level of spending. According to the United States, in 2016, Ukrainians spent 38% of income on products and 8.1% on alcohol and cigarettes. The total expenses for these two groups amounted to 46.1%,”

said Oleksiy Doroshenko, Head of the Ukrainian Association of Trade Networks’ Suppliers.

The least amount on food and cigarettes is spent in the United States – only 6.3% on food and 2% on alcohol and cigarettes, which is 8.3% of income. Among Europeans, the British spend the least on food (8.1%) and on whiskey and cigarettes (3.8%). The Poles spend 16.5% on food. The last place occupies Nigeria, whose citizens spend almost 60% on food, alcohol, and cigarettes.

The latest research, conducted by “RIA Rating” experts, shows that Ukrainians spend 50.9% of their budget on food, and rank last among the European countries.

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