An agricultural drone pilot is a new popular profession in China

Chinese factory workers are returning to the countryside. Instead of planting rice and other crops, they take care of crops with the help of a drone. Such work is highly paid and much more pleasant, writes “Agro-Center”.

Nearly 300 million people in China are migrant workers who have left their homes in order to make money. These are usually rural residents who try to get a job as workers or cleaners in Beijing, Shanghai, and other big cities.

People leaving villages creates problems. Older farmers often sell their land to large agricultural companies that use modern technologies such as dispersing pesticides and fertilizers with the help of drones. As drones are becoming more popular, companies continue their development and production.

What is more, the use of drones makes agricultural companies go looking for people who will manage them. This type of work is often assigned to migrant workers. After finishing a short course, they begin to process fields. This work provides people with fair money.

The agricultural drone pilot is just one example of how modern technologies create new jobs.

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