A successful experiment on the cultivation of a new bean variety was conducted in Lviv region

In the Lviv region, an experiment on the commercial cultivation of beans was conducted. It was organized by the Lviv Regional State Administration. A “Yaska” bean variety was used, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Agro Day”.

The results of the research were presented by Tetyana Borushuk, Head of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Department of the AIC Department of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The “Yaska” variety is not officially registered. It offers large and white beans. It has been grown in several districts of the Lviv region.

It is grown on private land plots and sold at 25-30 UAH/kg or 60 UAH/kg. Beans grown in the experimental area were sold at 80 UAH/kg. The experiment, organized by the Lviv Regional State Administration, was conducted in order to show a successful example of a growing technology (sowing material, variety, etc.).

Sales of the product were organized by the Lviv Regional State Administration within the framework of the French agricultural support project. In particular, the “Striysky Yas” cooperative was created. It adjusted the supply to one of the local restaurants, the retail network “Auchan”, and the market “Shuvar”, as well as register the brand, to create a package.

The state registration of the variety and its registration as a local product is in process. After it is done, the beans of the “Jaska” variety can become a landmark of Lviv region.

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