Farmers will pay taxes for using pesticides in France

On the first day of the new year, new rules for the use of pesticides came into force in France. Now, the owners have to pay additional taxes for the use of substances that pollute the environment, writes “Agro-Center”.

The country’s leadership made this decision as they have been concerned about the environment for some time now. However, the farmers did not like the new rule and called it “autistic”. It is understandable as the new rule means additional costs for them. Thus, the cost of barley will increase to 21 euros, and the price of wheat will go up to 24 euros per hectare. Farmers emphasize that the government has to support them, not vice versa.

The French Farmers’ Union (FNSEA) even held protests, but the government did not acknowledge them. The FNSEA members are convinced that taxation without real alternatives will be a huge mistake and will not improve the environmental situation at all.

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