Lands will be given to people for free to promote farming in Italy

The Italian government plans to distribute agricultural land free of charge to families in which the third child is scheduled to be born. It was fixed in the draft budget for 2019. Such action will be an incentive for demographic growth and a means of popularizing farming, writes “Agro-Center”.

Italian media reported that, according to the project, abandoned and undeveloped land in the south of the country should be given to families free of charge during the next 20 years. It is an element of policy for the benefit of families as well as an opportunity to give new life to unused agricultural lands.

Giuseppe Conte’s Cabinet also intends to grant loans under preferential terms, up to 200,000 euros to families who will buy their first home in close proximity to the land they receive.

To implement this project, it was decided to allocate 50 percent of the state land and 50 percent of the abandoned land. The main illegibility requirement for families is that their third child must be born in 2019-2021.

Italian Minister of Agriculture, Jan Marco Sentinayo, commented on the initiative:

“There’s a lot of talk about a return of young people to working in agriculture. We want to give them the opportunity to get the land. It is said that there are not enough children born in Italy. This trend needs to be changed, which is why the Ministry of Agriculture wants to make its contribution to the development of rural areas where children will continue to enter the world”

This decision is included in the draft budget, entitled “Actions for the socio-economic development of agricultural areas and demographic growth through family support.”

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