The Americans will be paid a dollar for every purchase of milk

The California Milk Processing Board (CMPB) has launched a new loyalty program called Moo Money. During four months (from January 28 to April 28), residents of California will be able to receive a cash bonus for every purchase of milk, writes “Agro-Center”.

To get bonuses, buyers need to photograph a check and send it to the Moo Money website. 1 point equals 1 dollar. Customers can use bonuses until June 1, 2019, in any place where MasterCard cards are accepted.

Milk in packages of any size, purchased not only in retail stores but also in online stores, qualify. Popular in the USA plant-based alternatives (such as oatmeal, almond, and plant-based types of milk) don’t qualify.

The new loyalty program was inspired by the fact that the US is experiencing a “milk crisis”. Dairy farmers from New York, who expanded their herds five years ago, are now wondering if it was a right move.

“We were told that we need to expand. Grow, grow, grow. And now everyone has turned away from us,”

said Deb Windeker, a dairy and beef farmer.

American dairy farmers are faced with a list of problems: the trade wars of the Trump administration coincided with a long period of low prices for milk. A strong dollar leads to a decrease in exports, and consolidation has led to the closure of farms throughout the country. The saddest thing is that the consumption of liquid milk is continuing to decline in the United States.

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