Ukraine occupies a leading position among countries-exporters of grain crops

About 30% of all Ukrainian agrarian exports are grains. Ukrainian grain is exported to Asian markets (42.6%), Europe (32.4%), Africa (14.6%), and other countries, writes “Agro-Center”.

Ukraine is rather active in the world market. In terms of wheat export, Ukraine is the fifth, and in terms of corn export, the fourth.

Experts predict that the level of Ukraine’s grain exports will only increase.

“In particular, by 2027, the annual production of such crops as wheat, corn and other grains (primarily barley, oats) and soy will grow by 13.5 million tons, to 77.7 million tons a year. At the same time, exports of these crops, compared with a current indicator, will increase by 8 million tons, up to 50.5 million tons,”

notes the expert.

According to forecasts, the growth of production and exports will be about 19% and 21%, respectively.

“These are the volumes that will need to be stored, transported, and exported. It is necessary to develop systems of storage and transportation of agricultural products in Ukraine. I must say that these forecasts are rather conservative and oriented towards a balanced global demand and supply. In general, Ukraine has a significantly higher production and export potential,”

said the expert.

At the same time, since the beginning of 2018 marketing year, the export of grain crops from Ukraine has decreased by 0,9 million tons. It is by 10.2% less than in the same period last year.

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