A farmer from the Vinnytsia region grows elite pumpkins that weigh 28 kilograms

Mikhail Gvyazdovsky is a former officer. Recently, he took up farming and started to grow elite pumpkins. The farmer’s wife helps him in the field, writes “Agro-Center”.

Mikhail’s farm is located in the Vinnytsia region. The farmer farm has an area of four hectares – he and his wife received two hectares each. The man had never grown pumpkins before. He began to grow elite pumpkin varieties because, according to him, there are enough common varieties grown. Nowadays, Mikhail offers five French and Italian varieties.

“You need to try these varieties to see the difference. They are very fragrant and taste amazing,”

said Mikhail.

The farmer told that people are not very eager to buy his pumpkins. Even though he asks only five hryvnias per kilogram. There are wholesale buyers as well but they ask that the price is one hryvnia per kilogram.

“I spent 500 dollars on seeds. I also pay for fuel to work in the field and deliver pumpkins to the market. Not to mention the work put into planting and maintenance. My wife and I do all the work by ourselves. My pumpkins are one hundred percent organic. I do not use any fertilizers. I can explain my crops by good soils as nothing was sown here for fifty years,”

explained the farmer.

Mikhail said growing pumpkins wasn’t his first idea. Actually, he planned to open a snail farm.

“We planned to create a snail farm but thought that it was very unusual… We planted a young garden and threw pumpkin seeds in between rows. We made a little mistake. We know now that the distance between the seedlings should be four meters. We planted two rows of pumpkins. They began to grow rapidly and “climb” young tree seedlings. In many cases, pumpkins took the trees down,”

told Mikhail.

The heaviest pumpkin weighs 28 kilograms. It is a pumpkin of the Italian Lung Pine di Napoli variety. The farmer says that its juice is especially delicious and that this variety is often used for baby food. Mikhail said that people often ask to take a picture with pumpkins of this variety because these are huge.

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