A wooden skyscraper will be built in Japan (photo)

Sumitomo Forestry company that specializes in wood processing and construction of wooden houses proposed to build a 350-meter-high skyscraper. It will have 70 floors which will be used for offices and stores, writes Agro-Center.

The skyscraper will be mostly made of wood. Only structural elements like the inside of the columns, beams, and brackets will be made of steel. In general, 185 thousand cubic meters of wood will be needed for construction. The total value is estimated at 4,02 billion US dollars. However, Sumitomo Forestry noted that the cost could be reduced due to technological developments that will appear during the construction period.

The Japanese government encourages the construction of wooden buildings. In 2010, a law was adopted that required the use of wood for the construction of public spaces.

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