An entrepreneur has planted an urban orchard on his own in the Sumy region (photo)

Alexander Sytnik is a 54-year-old entrepreneur, the owner of a service station. He decided not to wait for help and plant an orchard on his own. It will serve as a place of relaxation for everyone, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to “Week.”

The man planted apple and pear trees on the banks of the Pavlivka River. His son Roman and son’s friend Alexander helped. The man planted the orchard not for himself and not for PR purposes. He just wanted to do something nice for others:

“Once, my son Roman, his friend Alexander and I sat in a gazebo. I remembered there was a beautiful garden there when I was a child. I grew up on a bank of Pavlivka River. My friends and I used to run here to get some apples. I remember, there were also greenhouses. It was very beautiful. “Green economy” was responsible for this place. Then it was closed, and the garden was cut down. There are only two old trees here that remind of that time”,

said Alexander.

What upset the man is that there was nothing left from the beautiful orchard but a heap of garbage. Even locals began to leave their trash there. Roman and his friend were impressed by father’s memories and decided to plant several new fruit trees. Alexander couldn’t but join when he heard their idea.

They decided to remove garbage first and invited another local entrepreneur, Vladimir Mushroom, to join them. He helped by bringing the machinery, and the area was aligned and cleaned.

The team planted elite varieties of apples and pears, in particular: “Champion”, “Golden Delicious”, “Florina”, “Talgar Beauty” pears, “Yablunivska”, “Conference”. In general, it cost about 10 000 hryvnias to plant the orchard.

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