Apples from Bukovina are sold all over the world (photo)

There is an orchard in the village of Ridkivtsi in Novoselytsky district of Bukovyna. Apples from here are exported to many countries around the world. Among them – Georgia, Israel, Egypt, the UAE, and Singapore, writes Agro-Center.

Leonid Makarenko regularly introduces the latest technology to grow the best apples. Therefore, his garden gives good harvests, which are exported to many countries around the world.

Last year, fruit from Leonid Makarenko’s garden met all phytosanitary requirements in Singapore, Greece, Iraq, Georgia, Belarus, Poland. This year, plums from Bukovyna were sold to Poland.

“This year, in Poland, they harvested small apples. Representatives from Poland, which have agreements with Egypt and the UAE, came to our company. They checked our apples and now want to export our apples to these countries,” – says Leonid Makarenko.

The farmer believes that nowadays it is not a problem to enter European markets. The most important thing is to grow high-quality fruit.


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