Musk in the village: a brother of a technological genius got engaged in farms (photo, video)

Elon Musk is one of the leaders in the modern world of technology. However, few people noticed the brother of technological genius, Kimbal Musk, who is engaged in agriculture. The 45-year-old businessman has become wealthy, working with his brother, and is now actively buying up land in the United States, writes Agro-Center.

Kimbal Musk believes in clean organic food and has begun to solve the food problem of the world. His main task was to popularize vertical farms. For this purpose, he created a school for future farmers, where they will learn not only to grow plants but also how marketing works. Each student received a cargo container of 30 square meters with vertical planting systems, irrigation systems and a set of blue and yellow LEDs.

Each container makes it possible to grow 22.6 kilograms of leafy vegetables daily (or up to 50 thousand bunches of lettuce annually), with only 30 liters of water consumed every day. As a result, we get a yield that can be compared to a field of 0.4-hectare area.

Sensors that allow not only to receive all the information about the environmental indicators but also to control them are installed in each container. You can set the cold northern climate or hot tropical one in the container.

The founders of Square Root believe that such farms will gain popularity in large cities, because they need not much space and resources, and yield a harvest during the whole year.

According to the Square Root scheme, farmers are taught to apply different marketing techniques and promote their product.

By 2020, such mini-farms are planned in 20 cities of the USA.

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