Can Never Have Too Much Hemp: Ukrainians are Offered a Drink Made from Cannabis

Tea mushroom-based beverage with the addition of hemp is called “hemp kombucha”. It was presented during the First Ukrainian Hemp Fair, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “”.

“We were involved in creating the recipe with our partners, brewers. We are not brewers. We are medicine producers. Together we created a unique recipe. We want to make alcohol-free drinks that do not only quench thirst but are beneficial for people popular in Ukraine. Many companies are already interested in our kombucha. We will begin negotiations with the Obolon plant soon,”

said Ilarion Yaroshenko, Ph.D., a specialist in contract manufacturing of medicine.

“What makes our hemp kombucha special is that no one in Ukraine has used hemp seeds to make soft drinks. Moreover, there is no water-soluble fraction of hemp seeds anywhere in the world. It is made in China, exclusively for our company, according to a special technology that allows preserving the plant’s beneficial qualities,”

emphasized the researcher.

“Kombucha is the first vegan natural drink. It is made in Kharkiv, according to official and legal documents,”

shared Ilarion Yaroshenko.

The developers believe that hemp kombucha will be very popular among consumers as, many people are giving up alcohol, and there are no delicious alternatives on the market yet. In addition, the new beverage has many beneficial properties.

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